About Us

R elationships are the order of the day! If you take LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook etc.  people are trying to connect with fellow people, be it their friends, relatives, business partners or by large, it could be your target consumers!! All are interested in connecting with one another and developing relationships. Relationships have revolutionized the modern day and MyHome-MyOffice is no exception to that.

Not only MyHome-MyOffice is second to none in building relationships, but also we thrive on these relationships. We are the best VAs in Sri Lanka and we are responsible, reliable and trust worthy in everything we do. All our people are professionally qualified. We carry out your work in a professional manner while keeping in mind the delivery deadlines as well.

Imagine if you had…

  • the time and energy to focus on taking your business to the next level?
  • the opportunity to work on the tasks that excite you?
  • If you had someone who supports your work and is a sounding board for your ideas?

MyHome-MyOffice is the answer for all your business needs. Our rates are affordable yet we provide unparallel quality service while you can have huge cost savings such as office space, salaries, hospitalization, annual leave, statutory contributions and various other associated costs.

MyHome-MyOfficel can help your business grow by taking care of some of your work. Professionals and experts who want to use their time, doing what they do best, can access confidential Professional Virtual Assistants from us.

You don’t have to worry – you pay only for time spent, for 100% productivity. We can be located anywhere in the world, using technology such as email, Internet, phone, fax, post and courier services. “Myhome-MyOffice” is an Innovative “Husband-Wife” Professional combination from Colombo, Sri Lanka, can help you regardless of whether you are around the corner or across the Equator.

If you’re an independent professional, small business owner, or home-based operator, a start up or even a major company, it’s likely you’ll want to spend your valuable time on income-generating activities to increase your bottom line. It’s better to use your time in a profitable manner. Why spend time tangling with typing, fighting with formatting, proof-reading, data entering, transcription or searching the web, when you could be servicing another client with your intellectual expertise?  Working with “Myhome-MyOffice” when you need to, can free you up to do that!


Giving Back to Society

We provide free training to Professionally qualified Mothers, Fathers, Differently able people, School Drop Outs and Pensioneers.  Envisage to extend the same to war veterans who sacrificed their life for the sake of us!!!