Concept always want to be different from the others and want to act in an ethical manner. Hence, this is the very reason we are into this VA business.  We strongly believe that the benefits should go to grass root level of the communities in order to make their lives better and happier.  With this Goal in mind, we target the following sectors:

Professionally Qualified Non Working Mothers & Fathers:

Sri Lanka boasts about its literacy rate which is almost 90-91% and it is very much on par with the North American and European countries.  With the cultural and family ties, most of the women sacrifice their professional careers to look after their children to educate them well and make them good citizens. Though it is rare in Asian Countries, this is no exception to the Fathers also. Hence, these mothers & fathers sacrifice their life and careers in order to bring up good citizens.

“Myhome-Myoffice” decided to focus and add some value to this segment, specially mothers, by utilizing their knowledge and experience who were once professionals heading various private and public sector companies.

These “stay-at-home-mothers” can work easily 4 hours while their kids are at school.  This way, they will also have some satisfaction of doing something worth while earning some money as well.

Ravi is a classic example of a Professionally Qualified Non Working Father.  His wife is a professional banker too. Ravi opted to become a stay at home father after considering the benefits it would bring in. But he has joined us and earning while their only daughter is at school and during night times.  The trend is increasing!!

Differently/Definitely Abled People

Differently/Definitely Abled people is another segment “MyHome-MyOffice” targets to provide opportunities. Though the training and mobility issues are there, we take it up as a challenge to help them to realize their dreams and take them in to the main stream of the society thereby adding some sense of value to their lives.

This is a true story of such Differently able person who now works for “MyHome-MyOffice” from her home.  She is competent in various areas such as Internet Research, Data Entry, Typing, Article Posting, MySpace Friend requesting and many more! We are happy that “MyHome-MyOffice” was able to add some worth to her life!

Retired personnel who are spending their “evening of life”

Nicholas is a retired government servant who lives 20 km away from Colombo City and he is an excellent article writer. He joined hands with us to work on various assignments including Internet Reserach, Data Entry, Article Writing, MySpace friend requesting etc.  I am sure there are lot more retired people who are looking for this kind of work who can earn living without being a burden to their children.  I am sure “MyHome-MyOffice” can help and keep occupied more retired people so that they will have something to look forward to!

School Leavers

Buddhika and Nadeera are two school leavers who opted to take on work from home assignments. However, they lacked some important training to function as VAs. “MyHome-MyOffice” provided them the required ‘on-the-job-training’ in house and now they are working successfully from their homes.  This category is ever increasing day by day since most of the parents do not want to send their children out due to the present ongoing civil war in the country.

Disabled War Vetarans/Civilians who become Disabled due to Conflict

This project is under consideration …… If you have any ideas, please write to us!