Why I started Virtual Assistant Work?

Having started my career in a humble way as an English Stenographer, I have gained experience in the Airline Industry, Automobile Industry, Banking Industry – Standard Chartered Bank, APICORP (Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation – OAPEC Investment Arm – Saudi Arabia), Societe Generale & Bank of Nova Scotia – (Both Retail/Commercial Banking & Investment Banking), Garment Industry, Software Industry, FMCG Industry and finally I ended my career as Personal Assistant to Chairman of a well reputed Company in Sri Lanka.

 I  always had the idea of starting off something on my own and having noticed the organizational politics, back stabbing, favouritsm and all the other unethical things that are happening, it gave me the idea of working out something in the BPO/Outsourcing sector as a Virtual Assistant. With this idea in mind, armed with professional and educational qualifications, I ventured out by resigning from my last job of PA to a Chairman on 5 July 2005.  Ever since, I have never looked back.  That was the time I noticed the best vacancies in the news papers, offered good jobs by people. I considered all of them as distractions since I knew that GOD is with me and I am going to get what I want.  I never changed or deviated from my focus while constantly attacking my goals and targets.

 A t that time, I started to attend a Prayer Cell Group and GOD burden my heart that I help this particular person’s office process but my “Heart” said that I should not charge him a fee. This sounded very ridiculous to me since I was in need of money but I obeyed that calling and I was involved in stream-lining his business processes one after the other.

 J ust after I complete my work there, I got my first assignment from a church friend to cover a 3 day Micro Finance Seminar in a downtown hotel. The job was a grand success. Got my second job from another friend of mine who followed the MSc with me (at that time I was following my MSc in Artificial Nuerual Networks). It was to design the cover and prepare their Sports Day Sourvenier.  Third job was to prepare some Import & Export Statistics analysis for another client and I started to take off the ground smoothly.  By the fifth month, I establised myself as an expert service provider in the Local Scene but my desire was to somehow get into the international arena.

With lot of writing and perseverance, I managed to work for a US Technology start up from CA who are sourcing Technical guys from India.  My first job was to sort their e-mails which they received as a result of their adverts in India.  The mail boxes were swamped with thousands of e-mails from job applicants and I was paid a very nominal amount to sort the mails and put them into the correct folder.  Though I knew that I can do more than sorting e-mails, I decided to do my level best so that my work can do the talking on my behalf.  However, after repeating the same job for more than 2 weeks, on my own I develped a training kit with screen shots as to how a person with limited IT knowledge can do that job.  I presented the same to my boss, who was one of the partners and by going through my training kit he wanted me to join them with higher benefits as their Training Manager.  From that point on-wards I have never looked back and the journey was steady and successful.  Right from the beginning, I felt that GOD’s hand was leading me in the correct direction and I thank and praise GOD for his wisdom, knowledge and guidance right through out my life.  At same time, I thank my wife, two daughters and my extended families for bearing up with me and my crazy ideas! when the future was not rosy! at that point in time.