Our Services & Rates

Internet Research

With billions of web pages in the World Wide Web, now you require smart people to search for the exact thing you need. We have that expertise to offer you.

      • Exporters/Exporters to find overseas Buyers/Suppliers
      • Product Descriptions
      • Research on Legal work
      • Competitor Analysis
      • E-mailing list compilation
      • Gathering data from websites and entering it into excel spreadsheets
      • Searching the web, creating lists of target websites, and collecting information from these sites
      • Searching online newspapers for the latest pricing information
      • Extracting and summarizing news stories from online news sources
      • Gathering precise and updated information about competitors
e-Commerce Work

Assistance to e-commerce work. Experience in

  • StoneEdge Order Manager – Daily Order processing, Inventory update, Tracking Update
  • Amazon Seller Central Work
  • Zoovy Order Processing
  • Drop ship work
  • UPS, USPS, Fedex Label Creation
  • MIVA Merchant Work – Coupon Creation, Data Base packing and Backup work
  • Uploading of product pictures to web based databases
Virtual Personal Assistant Work
  • Correspondence management and e-mail screening
  • Personal assistance services
  • Typing of documents and text formatting
  • PowerPoint presentations and handouts
  • Spreadsheets design (graphics, macros, reports)
  • Proof-reading
  • Mail merges (database creation, letters, label printing, greeting cards & dispatch)
  • Contact management – Update and maintain your database
  • Typing Graduate/Masters Students – E.g. Thesis, Project Report etc.
Book Keeping & Accounting
  • Document Management
  • General Ledger Postings
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Reconciliation
  • Depreciation Calculation
  • Financial Analysis & Reports
Data Entry & Processing
  • Online Data Entry
  • Data Entry of E-Books
  • e-Books
  • Journals, & Magazines Data Entry
  • Compilation from web site Business Card
  • Data Entry into any Format
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Data Entry from paper/books with high accuracy and speed
  • Online Data Capture/Collection
  • Data entry from Image files in any format
  • Online Data Entry from hard-copy/printed material into MS Office
  • Strategic Online Data Entry into Software Program and application
  • Online Data Entry for Mailing List/Mailing Label
  • Typing Manuscript into MS Word
  • Online copying, pasting, editing, sorting, and indexing data in to any format
  • Data Collection from various sites
  • Valuable URL list collection
  • Offline forms filling
  • Providing business replies
  • Work as an intermediary between buyer and seller through emails
  • Converting image data into excel work sheets
    • Form Processing
      • Survey/Market Research forms
      • HTML forms
      • Accounts/Tax forms
      • Legal forms
      • Resume processing
      • E-mail forms
      • Online forms
      • Invoices/Purchase orders
      • Questionnaire
    • Data Cleansing
      • Identify and remove duplicates in any data
      • Identify and tag similar records
      • Correct and enhance addresses, and verify, correct or add postcodes through Google Maps
      • Remove obsolete data
    • Data Conversion – file conversion from one format to another
Technical Recruiting

Do you have a staff vacancy? Let “Myhome-Myoffice” assist you on those admin tasks involved in a recruitment process.

  • Receiving and classifying CVs and Resumes
  • Database creation according to the vacancy requirements
  • Verifying personal references
  • Coordinating candidates’ interviews
  • Correspondence with candidates
Graphic Design Work
  • Company Profiles
  • Envelop /Letter Head/ Business Card Design
  • Concept Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Direct Mail Design
  • Tag/Product Label Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Bill Board Designs
  • eBook Layouts
  • Poster Design
  • T-shirt Design
  • Product Package Design
  • Display Design & Presentation
  • 3D & 2D Animation

We are available practically 24 / 7 solely because it is our policy to work when and as long as we can on each project. You can always find out if we are available for your assignment by contacting me.

Urgent assignments requiring a higher workload may be charged at a higher rate depending on the total volume of work duration of the project and the amount of extra workload.

Before we accept any assignment, we have to look at the text/materials you want us to work on, in order to be sure that we are able to provide a high quality output and meet the agreed deadline. You can request a quote for your project or contact us to discuss pertinent details.

More tham anything else, we will have to do a small sample test for both parties to agree on the quality of the work as we will have to pay for all our VAs upfront. Hence, need to do this very carefully as we do not in a position to refund the money. But we are not unfair and if the situation says that we can refund the money, we will always refund the money. However, it will be based on the discretion of the management.  (Please check our Refund Policy mentioned in FAQ Section)

Delivery of assignment, any supporting materials and the final output can be made by e-mail, fax, courier etc. We need to agree on the format before we proceed.

We are often provided with source materials in a variety of formats and we have already acquired the necessary software to handle practically any kind of format translation. Should you require your project to be delivered in a particular format, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how best we may help you. Currently, we are able to work with the following software: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Adobe Acrobat Writer.